Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jordan Boy Playing With His Toys...Real Toys

A childhood without toys is like...you don't have childhood at all. That is why I buy lots of toys for both my babies especially for my Jordan boy. Still remember my Jordan boy cracks up while playing with the iPad? I have to admit that he really loves to toy around with the iPad which is more interactive, colourful and virtually more responsive. HOWEVER, his daddy-me, don't like the idea of him being glued to any gadget at all! In fact I would rather want my boy to be "computer illiterate" until he is in primary school because I believe it would affect him adversely instead of beneficially.

Jordan boy playing with his toys.

I don't mind my Jordan boy plays with the iPad...but his time with the Apple must be restricted. I usually will limit him to play with the tablet for between 15 minutes to half an hour. Anything more than that will not be tolerated. Of course he would throw tantrum when I take the tablet away from him...he would cry and when my patience has reached his limit, I would spank him (gently of course). After that he would play something else, much to my delight.

Jordan boy playing one of his old toys. :p

Do you still remember them?

Yes. He plays basketball too. Just like me. :p

Toys, the real toys are the things that should be part of babies' childhood...instead of a plank of plastic or steel (tablets, smartphones etc.). I will try to get as many toys that I could for my Jordan boy to play with. I want him to enjoy the thrill of playing with his toys; I want him to know how the toys taste like when he is trying to gnaw them; I want him to make a mess with his toys. I want my babies to live life. Nothing can replace what toys, the real toys can do to our little ones.

Ok. It's time to keep all your toys.

Despite my age, I still believe in fairy tales and fantasies...and I still believe that toys have their very own souls and emotions. Just like the animations-Toy Story, toys are alive and they have feelings as well. I want my boy to know how to talk to his toys; I want him to hold tight to his favourite toy when he dozes off; I want him to protect his toys and grow old with them. So it is an utter joy to see my Jordan boy takes out all his toys from his toy box. :)


This toy is almost 2 decades old and now it belongs to my son. :)

P.S.: There is another huge box of toys in the babysitter's house and a lot more on his bed, in the bedroom. Toys! :)

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