Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing With My Jasmine Girl

Which baby doesn't like to play right? My baby Jasmine who is 8 months old now, is enjoying her play time more and more. She is very active and most of the time she will be running around in her walker. Then, after she gets bored of walking on her own, she would raise both her arms...crying out loud for my wife and I to "release" her. She wants to be carried and move around easily. Watching her elder brother walking around freely doesn't help either. LOL :D

Me and my darling Jasmine. :)

Sometimes she doesn't even wanna be in her walker at all. She wants to walk on her own even though she still couldn't do so on her own two feet. Then she would be crying...and screaming at us, pleading us to carry her. Ha :D Of course my wife and I would immediately scoop her up and wrap our arms around her. The moment we lifted her, she would immediately smile and laugh. So Jasmine girl was cry-acting to bust herself out of the walker? :p

My Jasmine girl loves to play with me. :)

She enjoys sitting on my shoulders.

Hold tight~don't fall off ok. Let's go. :)

Don't pluck daddy's hair. Ha :D

PRICELESS: Jasmine girl is all smile. :D

Our Jasmine girl really enjoys being carried by my wife and I. After all she can "walk" around better with us as her chauffeur, right? Then again my wife and I don't mind carrying her all the time either. Once she grows older, she might not want us to carry her anymore. That is why she can demand to be carried as much as he wants. Haha :D Come~let daddy carry you.

Daddy's little angel.

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