Monday, July 16, 2012

DHA Alone Is Not Enough For Our Little Ones

Our Jordan boy is a big boy right now. He is no longer the little one anymore. Now Jordan is exploring his world day in day out. He is so keen to learn about all those wonderful and weird things that are happening around him. It's like the whole world is revolving around him, waiting to be discovered. It's such a joy to see him wandering around, being curious and active. We can see that Jordan is really one fast learner.

Our cheerful Jordan boy.

I am proud to know that Jordan boy is always eager to acquire new knowledge, albeit in his very own special ways. Ha :D To see him being so curious and not to mention bubbly, makes me happy. I am really overjoyed to know that my Jordan boy is being given the best that he should have-Anmum Essential. So why did I choose Anmum Essential growing up milk powder for my Jordan boy? For starters, Anmum Essential is the only growing up milk powder in the market with absolutely no added sugars at all.

Jordan boy is learning how to play DrawSomething. LOL.

Another main, deciding reason why I choose Anmum Essential is because it is the only growing up milk powder with Gangliosides. Almost all growing up milk powder are enriched with DHA, which is really important our children's brain development. As we all are aware, DHA are very important for it is a building block of our brain cells. However we also need connections between these brain cells, so our children's brain can develop and function optimally. In other words, all the goodness of the DHA cannot be brought out without the necessary bridges-brain cells connections.

Mission Impossible: Jordan is trying to open the gates without key.

That's why we need Gangliosides which supports the formation of brain cells connections in our children's brains. The more brain cells connect, the faster they will learn. Thanks to Anmum Essential, which is the ONLY growing up milk powder enriched with Gangliosides, my Jordan has shown me remarkable things that I wouldn't have thought he would be able to do. I am totally amazed with everything that my Jordan boy is doing right now. It's like every single day he will give a new surprise. That's why I can't wait to see him after I finish my work in the office. Gosh! I am missing him already.

Jordan boy enjoying his bath time. :)

Like me, you parents out there would want to give the best that you can to your little ones right? Besides showering them with our unconditional love, we also want them to have a great future. So we be providing our children with the necessary tools for them to bring out the best in them. That is why I choose Anmum Essential for it has what I want for my Jordan boy-DHA and Gangliosides.  How about you? :)

Mommy and daddy's precious little boy.

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