Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eating 11 Different Cakes

First thing first, I would like to thank the department of our boss for treating us buffet lunch at Reinassance Hotel Malacca. food always tastes better right, more so in a 5-star hotel? Especially when you are not the one who is footing the bills. Haha :D I was kinda late today because I was reluctant to join the buffet initially. Nonetheless I made it albeit being 15 minutes late. Upon arriving I could see a lot of my colleagues were already devouring enjoying their yummy food.


It took me quite some time to have that appetite to eat. But once I started...I can't seem to stop. Haha :D The ambiance of this 5-star hotel is good, the food is great. Then I decided to try something. I took all the available different cakes to taste them. My preferred choices of cakes are always brown (chocolate) and yellow (cheese) in I didn't take perhaps 2 or 3 cakes which were neither brown nor yellow. All in all, I grabbed 11 different cakes. Never have I tasted 11 different flavours of cake on the same plate before. So how was it? Absolutely delicious. Top that up with 2 cups of perfectly brewed couldn't get any better right?

The total damage done by the 11 different cakes:
Bloated stomach + extra calories + foreseeable waistline increment!

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