Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Would He Take His Own Life?

I was shocked to know that someone in my neighborhood had taken his own life when I woke up from my afternoon nap. My daddy and wife told me that they had heard the blaring sirens of the ambulance earlier...I was speechless. "Someone had actually committed suicide in our neighborhood?" I was totally dumbstruck. The tragic ending took place just 20 meters away from my home. I immediately went outside to see what really happened...It was not a pleasant sight.

One son had left his parents...
Two children have lost their father...

Nothing looked fact...I felt so gloomy...Police had come and neighbors flocked around the house to know what really happened. It saddened me to know that this male Indian neighbour of mine, who was in his early 20s had ended his life this way. Just the other day I saw him playing his toddlers when I brought Jordan boy out for his evening stroll. One of my neighbors told me that his father found his hanged in his own room. Rumors have it that his wife had went back to her hometown together with their 2 children...perhaps he and his wife quarreled? Now...we will never know...

*sigh* It must be a heart-wrecking moment for a dad to find his own motionless son...what about his 2 babies? It shouldn't have ended this way...his wife shouldn't have left him (if it is true)...there is always a solution to every problem...Life will never be the same anymore...why life it is so damn harsh at times...

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