Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proton Preve Has Been Launched!

Proton Preve is finally here to be driven by Malaysians. Our Prime Minister-Najib, had officially launched Proton's very first global car. Known as Preve (Pray-Vay) which means to prove, has certainly gave a strong impression to the public and car enthusiasts alike. Proton has claimed that Preve is arguably the most technologically-advanced car that Proton is offering right now. Meaning that Proton Preve is even better than the rebadged Proton Inspira? Wow...so Preve must be really darn good then. We must test drive Preve to see if it lives up to its top-billing reputation.

So this is how Proton Preve looks like...officially.

Even Mahathir was there to give his seal of approval.

For those uninitiated, Proton Preve will be offered in 3 different variants: the (1) Premium Preve comes with 1.6 CFE engine mated with Proton’s 7-speed ProTronic CVT, and (2) two Executive variants usuing the 6-speed CVT transmission, and last but not least the (3) third variant is a 5-speed manual transmission. Both the executive variants are coupled with the the IAFM+ engine. For more information about Proton Preve, please read my previous post.

Will the World love Preve?

Now...let's talk about money shall we? What is the price tag of Proton Preve? What do you have to pay to drive Proton Preve which is Proton's very first World's Car. It is competitively priced from RM72,990 on-the-road (Peninsular Malaysia) for the Premium variant, RM62,990 for the Executive CVT and RM59,990 for the Executive with manual transmission. I still think it is still reasonable priced (no taking into account our AP policy) if we were to compare Preve to Inspira and Persona. There are six different colours of Proton Preve for you to choose from. All these 3 different variants of Preve come with a 5-year or 150,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

So what's your flavour? Metallic Silver looks nice. :)

Should you buy Proton Preve? If I have the money I would have bought Proton Preve. Why? Do you know that Proton Preve outpaces its closest (foreign) rivals to reach 100km/h and more importantly Proton Preve  has the best braking distance in its class? Yupe! Safety is my number 1 priority when it comes to selecting a car. Besides that Proton Preve is tougher and more robust because it is manufactured with Hot Press Forming (HPF) tensile parts. Some have boldly claimed that Proton Preve is better than the more expensive Toyota Vios and Honda City. What say you?

Proton Preve's Official Advertisement!

Proton Preve-Drive To Believe It.