Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Vitagen" Coin Box For My Babies

Still remember some time ago I blogged about how broke I was? So much so that I had to Count Our Coins Because We Don't Have Any Money...So in order to prevent my babies to be so broke like their old man-me, my wife and I had decided to buy a coin box for our little ones. This is no ordinary coin box. It resembles a huge "Vitagen" bottle (cultured milk drink). I thought it looks really cute and my Jordan boy really loves it. We have been training Jordan boy to insert coins into this huge coin box and so far he enjoys doing it. :)

Jordan & Jasmine: See~mommy and daddy got you a coin box.

You insert you coin on top of the "milk bottle" ok?

Like this.

Now you try Jordan boy.

Haha :D Almost there boy. try again.

Yupe. Now you are saving money for our "rainy days". :)

I am proud to say that now my Jordan boy knows how to "save" his coins into his very own safe which happens to be a giant cultured milk bottle. We are really trying hard to inculcate this saving habit in my son. So every time when we hand Jordan boy a coin, he will grab it and immediately storms towards his coin box and put it in. Then he will be smiling at the coin box...because it smiles at him as well. Ha :D I hope my Jasmine girl will follow his brother's footsteps too. So do you have a coin box back at home?

Don't forget to smile when you put in your coins o. :D

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