Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Counting Our Coins...Because We Don't Have Any Money Left...

Some of you guys might not know that...I am actually a poverty stricken guy. People thought that I am living a fancy, flashy life as a blogger. However...that's not what it appears to be. Every day I live from hands-to-mouth...it has been going on for quite some time now. The truth is: My wife and I have been struggling to make ends meet. That is why the other day we had decided to break our piggy bank to see how much money we had collected. If we didn't do so...we would had been starving...we couldn't let our babies to starve right? They still need to drink milk.

There is what we have...

Being poor is not a joke. That is why we resorted to our last resort which was our piggy bank...our only savings for the rainy days. With a heavy heart...I crashed our poor piggy bank to "extract" all the coins that we had been feeding it. It had been a loyal "pig", eating whatever we had shoved into its mouth. We were saddened to see our faithful pig...broken into pieces. We were determined to not let its demise be in vain...so we started to count our coins. We took a few hours to arrange and count all our money...we were glad that we managed to get enough money to live for another few days...our babies had milk to drink...

Hopefully we will have enough to keep us from starving...

We need to count every single coin properly...

Still counting...our future is not that bleak after all...

Done arranging...can you guess how much we had counted?

OF COURSE...the above 2 paragraphs were being fabricated to make this whole post more readable. You didn't actually buy what I had just blurted, did you? :p No pig nor piggybank were killed in the process. But my wife and I did painstakingly take a few hours to arrange and count all the coins. *pant* We do enjoy counting our pennies. Can you guess how much we manage to collect? The answer can be found at the bottom...but don't scroll down first. Make a wild guess. :)

RM750. :)

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