Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jasmine Meeting Grandpa For The 1st Time In Taiping

The last time Jasmine met her grandpa (Ah Gong), she was only like 2 weeks old. So earlier this month, she traveled back to her another hometown-Taiping...which is 500km away. This officially made Jasmine~girl the youngest road warrior in our family. She was only 4 months old then but  My wife and I are glad that she is used to the taxing, long distance traveling...not to mention that we were almost killed on the highway. She was at her best behaviour while we were traveling, perhaps she knew it?

Jasmine~look at the camera.

My father-in-law was shocked when we called him up and told him that we would be late that day. We reached our destination one hour later due to the burnt tires. The moment we arrived at my wife's doorstep, we could see Ah Gong was relieved that we had safely reached home. He was all smiles upon seeing his 2 beloved grandchildren, especially Jasmine girl. Jasmine was such a good girl as she didn't cry when she entered her second home. It was as if she knew the place. :)

Jasmine girl~where are you looking at?

Why Jasmine? You are shy? :p

Jasmine~girl. Look at the camera, here. :)

Why Jasmine? You are sleepy? Ha :D

It was a shame that we could only 4 days 3 nights in Taiping. All of us really hope that we could stay longer. Too bad we needed to work. We miss Taiping a lot, especially my father-in-law. I miss the cooling climate there...the green, green grass...the fresh air... *sigh* Why am I staying so far away right? Then again we will be returning real soon to the City of Rain again. Maybe we will go back again in May of August, or both. So do you miss Ag Gong or not Jasmine girl? :)

Ah Gong and granddaughter-Jasmine. :)

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