Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Were Almost Killed In A High-Speed Accident!

Last Saturday was truly an eventful day for my family and I. It was a day that all of us would want to forget...but I think at least I should remember the "accident" because it serves as a very stern reminder for me! Even though nothing bad happened to us except for our car...the whole incident left a huge dent in my memory...I will never forget last will always be there to haunt me whenever I am driving along the highway. Read on to find out what actually happened...

It was a close-call!

So last Saturday, yours truly me, embarked on our journey back to my (wife's) hometown Taiping at 8a.m. sharp. My wife, my sister-in-law, my Jordan boy, Jasmine girl and I were all happily on our 500km journey. We were happily chatting...enjoying the music...everything was alright until...I...suddenly noticed that the cars in front of me slowed down dramatically. I hit the brake...but I sensed that we wouldn't be able to stop in time. I calmly floored the break and the whole car skidded a bit....

2 tires were sacrificed....

We did stop in time without piling up with the collided cars in front of us. We were lucky that no car was tailgating us back then. Since I hit the break from quite a distance neither my wife nor my sister-in-law were thrown forward as they knew what they would be expecting. My son was still asleep while my daughter cried a bit due to the sudden stop. Apart from that nothing happened...until we smelt something. Unfortunately I burnt some tires as we could smelt the burnt rubber. I drove the car to the emergency lane to see if there was anything wrong with our car.

They had to be replaced...

As I was driving the car to the emergency lane...I noticed that something was (were) terribly wrong with the Tyre (tires). I stepped out of the car to inspect my tires. The back tires are OK...but the front tires...part of them...were missing after forced both of them to stop rolling so hard. In other words...the whole car was not in balance anymore. And I still needed to drive like at least another 200km to reach Taiping. I had no choice and so I drove. Deep down inside...I was really afraid that the car would break down...I didn't want my babies to be "stranded" on the high way under the hot scorching sun!

Look at the damage...

I prayed as I held on to the sterling tightly. The whole car was shaking vigorously as we headed to Taiping. If I were to let go...the whole car would drift to the left. So I had to held on tightly for 2 hours until we reached my wife's doorstep. Oh my...I can't tell you how happy and relieved I was when our feet landed on the soil of the City of Rain (Taiping). It's like a huge rock was lifted of my weary shoulders. I am happy that my wife and babies are safe and sound. Phew!

Thank you for protecting us.

Of course...the car needed to be repaired after the unexpected mishap. My father-in-law brought me to the workshop to have have my tires "repaired". The experienced uncle inspected my tires and confirmed that both the front wheels had to be replaced and so they changed them. Both the good tires cost us RM300 which is reasonably cheap. We forked out an extra RM20 for alignment and balancing and that's it. All in all...I am happy that my family is safe. Thank God and my late mother for protecting us. It could have been worse...what if I couldn't stop in time? What if a car was tailgating us and couldn't stop in time? We were blessed...

P.S.: Always be alert while you are driving and maintain a safe distance with the car in front of you. Of course...don't speed for haste is truly...waste...

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