Friday, March 9, 2012

Wanna Know Why Anmum Essential Is The Best Milk?

When I was in secondary school, I have always wondered why some of my friends can score straight As so effortlessly while I have to labour day and night just to be as good as them. Is it because I am deploying the wrong strategies while studying? Or could it be that they are luckier all the time? Then I realized that I am not able to fulfill my full potential because I have not fully unlocked my brain when I was young. Sounds way too "sciency" and fictional? Not at all...

My precious Jordan boy.

As a science stream student who is very inclined into biology, I discovered that we are in fact what we eat especially in our infancy (from birth to 3 years old). Hence it is important that we consume nutrients which will be very beneficial to us when we are still babies and toddlers. So if we were to eat food that can unlock our brain's potential (such as DHA and Gangliosides) when we are still young, then we can be anything that we want to be as we grow older. Agree? But how many parents are actually aware of this? You will be one today.

He likes to read books.

You see, in today's life...your brain outweighs your brawn almost all the time. That is why as parents, we must ensure that our little ones are well-equipped to face all their challenges in the future. We can't be there for them all the time right? But we can give our children the best head start by ensuring that they are consuming "brainy" food. What are these brainy food? There are 2 important brainy food that we parents must know-DHA and Gangliosides! Don't forget ok?

He likes to explore.

Each of us has 100 billion brain cells, so it is important that our children consume food which is rich in both DHA and Gangliosides to stimulate their brains. As all of us have known, DHA are the building blocks of our about Gangliosides then? Gangliosides is a nutrient which has been proven to help connect our children brain cells. That is why we parents should be feeding our little ones with milk which contain not only DHA but also Gangliosides as well.

He likes to make his mommy happy. :)

Wanna know why I have rated Anmum Essential as the best milk for my Jordan boy? This is because besides rich in DHA, Anmum Essential is the ONLY growing up milk which has Gangliosides. Best of all I can be rest assured that the milk that my Jordan boy is drinking has no added sugars at all. So he will grow up to be a brainy and healthy boy. Haha :D Honestly...I think my son is really quite brainy sometimes. He can do things that have never failed to amaze both me and my wife.

Jordan boy toying with my coffee creamer.

1~When my Jordan boy wants to play with the door knob, he will go to his grandpa and urges him to bring him to the door to play with it. He knows I won't allow him to play with it, that is why he has never ever asked me to play the door knob with him. He knows his "pawn".

2~Jordan boy knows the locations of the lifts in the Jusco. I don't know why...but he is really fascinated with lifts. Every time when we are about to approach the lifts (like 10 metres away), Jordan boy will be anticipating it. He will stormed towards the direction of the lifts and marvel it. It is like he has an integrated GPS. LOL :D

3~Jordan likes to read books. I have bought plenty of books for him to read and he will diligently read them every morning. Wait...let me rephrase it...he will diligently "leafed through the pages" of his books every morning. LOL :D When my wife is busy feeding his sister milk, Jordan will sit in front of his books and read them because mommy told him to. Ha :D

4~He knows daddy needs creamer for his coffee. Jordan knows that I love to drink coffee and I need creamer for my java fix. So the other day when he both of us were out shopping, he actually went and grabbed a packet of creamer sticks for me. Aww...

5~Jordan is a singer right now. Well...not really singing out the is more like humming to songs. 2 songs to be precise. My wife and I was totally dumbstruck when he hummed Baa Baa Black Sheep and Holy Night right in front of us. Maybe it is because he has been playing with the iPad too much.

These are (above) the little magical things that little Jordan has shown me. Just like all the parents who have testified in Mum Knows Best, I didn't want to give my baby boy unhealthy milk to drink. I don't want to make any compromises on nutrients for my little Jordan's brain development. That is why I made the SWITCH. Not only does Anmum Essential have all the good nutrients that the other milks have, Anmum Essential also comes with Gangliosides. After drinking Anmum, Jordan seems to become brainer and does things that we won't imagine. :p

He is the apple of our eyes.

As parents, we always want to give our children the best right? That is why I am giving my little Jordan the best milk-Anmum Essential. Besides rich in DHA, it is also the only milk that has Gangliosides. More importantly I know that the milk that he is drinking (a lot) right now is healthy for him and there is no added sugars whatsoever. Are you giving your children the best (healthy) milk that they should be drinking? Unlock your children's full potential today.