Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yee Sang Must Be Tossed With Lots of Salmon!

Unlike the year of Rabbit, this year I have only tossed Yee Sang once. Last year, I have tossed this so-called raw fish salad thrice in 3 different locations with one of them being in Taiping. Too bad we couldn't travel back to the City if Rain this year. How about you folks? How many times have you tossed this must-have Chinese New Year dish? Surely most of you tossed this prosperous Yee Sang which signifies abundance in fancy 5-star hotel with those attractive ivory chopsticks right?

Our very own DIY Yee Sang set. :)

What's inside of our DIY Yee Sang set?
Make sure you take note of the ingredients, so that you can make
your very own DIY Yee Sang, which is more DIY than this! :p

Coloured " pickled vegetables"?

"Poh Chai" crackers.

Groundnut & Sesame Seed.

Ouh...didn't know we need pepper and 5 herbs powder as well?

Photobucket yee sang tossing is complete without these orange salmon fillets. :p

As for me and my family who are poverty-stricken. We had our "Yee Sang" tossing moment in our humble, little shack. Yupe! We bought our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Yee Sang set from Jusco. Of course it didn't come with the must-have Salmon fillets. So I bought 2 different packs of Salmon fillets and slices on Chinese New Year eve to be tossed with my family. Although it looked rather simple, all of us love it. We enjoy mixing, tossing, hurling and jumbling up all the ingredients together while uttering those "auspicious" phrases and idioms to usher our brand new (lunar) year.

Unpack your vegetables and "Pok Chai" crackers.

Then arrange your salmon fillets beautifully. :p

Sprinkle the groundnut & sesame mixture.
And those white stuff-dried noodle? LOL :D

And not forgetting...plum sauce?

So now what?

Remember that when you toss your Yee Sang with your chopsticks, make sure you toss it as high as you can...but don't~lar toss it until they hit or stick on the ceiling. Ha :D I think the preferred raw fish for Yee Sang is Salmon. That is why I insist that my family's Yee Sang must be tossed with lots of Salmon. How about you? Then again...I was the only one who happily ate almost all of the raw salmon fillets and slices. Guess my father, brother and wifey couldn't stand the rawness of the Salmon huh!

Toss the Yee Sang!

Lau~lau~lau (means toss~toss~toss in Cantonese I think)

Yes. This whole bucket of Yee Sang is mine. Huatt~ar!!
Really "Nian Nian You Yee" aka Every year filled with fish (abundance)!

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