Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sitting In His Healthy Care Booster Seat

Little Jordan has really grown up. He has beefed up all his core muscles and now he is very, very active. Hence sitting is not an option anymore for my darling boy. Nope...he can't walk yet. But he can crawl on virtually any surface...anything including me. My wife and I don't mind panting while playing catch up with him as this is actually a good sign for us. It shows that our boy is very active and healthy. However once it is his feeding time...we need to tie him down. Yes! We have to pint little Jordan down and tie him up to a chair. Ha :p

Little Jordan's baby chair.

Sounds a bit extreme. But that is exactly the thing we will do every time we want to feed him food. If not he will end up crawling around in the house with his food all over his mouth, face, hair, clothes and all over the floor. :/ His activeness leave my wife and I with no choice but to make him sit still on a chair. We have to use heavy duty duct tapes to strap him to a huge, robust chair which will not be easy to be moved by him. Haha :D Of course I was kidding. We will make sure little Jordan is seated in his own comfy chair.

Let's assemble the chair. :)

Little Jordan is one lucky boy as he has got his very own private chair at such a tender age. Introducing Little Jordan's Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. Wow...sounds so luxurious huh! This special chair is actually a birthday gift from his uncle (my brother) and it doesn't come cheap. Can you guess how much this little chair cost? It set my brother back for almost RM200. War...Fisher-Price's products are always very pricey aye?

Ok~done. Pretty simple.

I am lifting the cover (green) showing off the white tray.

You can adjust the placement of the tray.

You can even adjust the height of the chair.

But then again, I must admit that the quality of this baby chair is really top-notch! First of all the material used are highly durable, meaning that it will not easily break, fracture or snap. What I like the most about this Healthy Care Booster Seat from Fisher-Price is that it has been thoughtfully designed to ensure baby is not only comfortable but also safe. Yupe! There are also safety belts to ensure your little ones will not escape from the chair. LOL :D Apart from that you can also adjust where you want place the trays and how high your baby should be sitting. Best of all you can strap this chair on top of our ordinary chair. Awesome right?

Little Jordan is being fed by his mommy. :)

Look at him, sitting so still in his baby chair. :D

Jordan boy urging mommy to feed him.

So every time when it is little Jordan's meal time, we will be strapping putting him in his luxurious baby chair. Since the chair can be folded and stored easily in a box, we even brought it back to Taiping recently. Did you notice little Jordan was sitting on it during our Mid Autumn Celebration in Taiping? Little Jordan, himself love this chair to the max. Every time when we take out this chair, he will be excited. He will then eagerly wait for us to place him in his chair. So when he sees chair it rings a means it is "feeding frenzy" time for him. LOL :D

Little Jordan enjoying his food and watching TV on his comfy chair.

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