Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple iPad 2 At My Disposal For Forever!

Guess what...finally I have an iPad 2 at my disposal. Nope! This is not an iPad 2 given to me by client for review. So this iPad 2 will be with me not for 1 or 2 days...but for like...forever. From today (or was it yesterday) onward I will be toying around with this latest version of iPad from Apple. Although I am not an Apple fan boy, I don't mind having an iPad 2 to play with, especially when I don't need to pay a single dime for it. I must say that I am already very impressed with it during our first encounter. Everything about this iPad 2 feels so classy.

Photobucket iPad 2.

What's in the inside of this Apple?

Will this means I will begin to love Apple?

Thousands of people have lined up for hours or maybe days just to use this iPad 2. As for is sent directly into my arms. Why I will be having this iPad 2 to toy with? You will find out the answer very...soon. Nominally, this iPad 2 is not mine but I will be using it more often than anyone else in my family. :p In fact, I have already bought a few apps to begin my so-called scintillating iPad 2 experience. I might even fancy writing a few blog posts about this gadget that millions across the globe would want to lay their hands on. Let's see if I will actually fall in love with this Apple product.

P.S.: Yours truly me is still hoping that I will be a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Tab.