Friday, October 28, 2011

My Babysitter Has Been Claimed By Cancer

We received a phone call from our babysitter this morning, around 1a.m. to be exact. Unfortunately we couldn't listen to the call in time. So my wife and I called the babysitter to find out why they rang. One of the babysitter's daughters picked up and told us what had happened. We could clearly hear that there were people who were crying and wailing at the other end. Their father had succumbed to cancer. It was a devastating news for my babysitter and her family.


You see, my babysitter's husband was a retiree and hence he would be helping his wife to take care of my baby boy as well. Hence he was also, technically, our babysitter. It was really unexpected. I mean...just a week ago, we saw him playing happily with our little boy and he is gone. Maybe the chemotherapy was way too strong for him...then again it doesn't matter anymore. *sigh* Cancer is such a lethal disease. So...right now I am at home taking care of my baby boy as our babysitter has to tend to her husband's funeral. My condolence to her whole family. May he rest in peace...

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