Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Final Indulgent

It is time to know when enough is indeed enough. All this while I have been indulging far too much from I should.  My bad...but I guess I couldn't help it. After all it is never easy to resist temptations right? Especially when these enticing lures are seductively ravaging. It is time for me to clean up my act (don't worry, I am not cheating on my wife :D) and place my two feet firmly on the ground. I gotta look at the really BIG picture and adhere to my priorities. It is time to set things right again. I am not going to let my father, brother, wife and children down. All I need now is more self-control and discipline. Period.

My final indulgent...

P.S.: This post is not about Coca Cola at all. LOL :D