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4 Tiniest Hotel Rooms In The World

I am sure most of us like to travel huh! Who doesn't like to go on a vacation, where you can be away from somewhere totally foreign to you. Imagine being away from the hustle and bustle of your busy working life and off in plane to somewhere you can relax and let loose your hair. Aww...feeling the warmth of sunlight with on your closed eyelids while you are still snuggling in your bed. Waking up in a hotel room instead of your usual bedroom is really something huh! But what if...the hotel room you are one of the smallest in the world? Will you still be enjoying your vacation?

No. This is not the tiny hotel room that I wanna share with you.

Here are 4 of the world's smallest hotel rooms. Maybe when you visit these countries (Japan, Netherlands and Austria) you can opt to live in these rather exquisite hotel rooms. Although these rooms might be a bit small, I am sure you will be having a whole new different experience. Unlike those expensive 5-star posh hotel rooms that are luxuriously furnished, these tiny hotel rooms look rather basic but can be very comfortable. Ha :D So are you ready to cramp yourselves and your luggage into your hotel rooms?

1~Capsule Hotels (Widely Available in Japan's cities)
(18 Square Feet; $25-62 per night) I am sure most of you are very familiar with this tiny hotel room right? They have been popular in Japan for decades to cater to those workaholics Japanese who can't get home. Then again it is also the perfect room for those drunkards who can't navigate their way home after clubbing the whole night. So what can you have in these tiny rooms? Don't be surprised. There is a mounted TV and even wireless connection. Think you wanna crash here?

Ouh~These capsules are numbered aye.

2~Capsule Hotel, Den Haag, Netherlands
(133 square feet, $85 per night) Oddly...I can't help but imagine that these capsule hotel rooms look like UFO. Ha :D These are actually oil-rigs survivor pods which have been refurbished to become floating rooms. Guess what can be stuffed inside thes alien-like "spacecraft": a toilet, a mini library, and DVD player. The interior of these capsules are designed by renowned designers. Wow...that sounds cool!

What is this? Polar bear skin?

3~Das Park Pipe Hotel, Bernepark, Osterreich, Australia
(54 square feet, pay-what-you-wish) These artistically looking hotel rooms are actually repurposed (huge) drainpipes. You can find these cylindrical pods sit oddly in a park along a popular bike trail. You will get a foam mattress, fresh sheets, under-bed storage space and an electrical outlet. Think you wanna be close to nature but don't want to cramp inside a tent? Then start draining in these drainpipes. :p

Simple but yet elegant and not to looks comfortable as well.

4~De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands
(100 square feet, $127-$170) This has gotta be one must-stay hotel rooms, especially for wine lovers. You can now actually sleep in a wine cask where you favourite wine might have been fermented and brewed (I am not sure if I have used these 2 words correctly or not). LOL :D What I love the most about these rooms is because they are outfitted with homey, cottage decoration. :)

Looks like home sweet home to me. :)

So what say you? Ready to spend a night in your miniature hotel rooms? My...I don't think I can stay in those Capsule Hotel. They look rather unsafe. Why? I might wake up finding myself in the middle of...the ocean *gasp*. Aww...I would love to stay in the De Vrouwe van Stavoren (I wonder what it means) as it looks extremely cozy. Then again I don't mind spending a night in the awesome-looking Das Pak Pipe Hotel. Best of all you only need to pay what you think reasonable. Not bad at all aye? :p

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