Friday, October 21, 2011

Wife & Baby Boy Down With Food Poisoning

It has been a devastating week for my family these few days. Yesterday morning at around 4a.m., I woke up and accompanied my wife who was struck by food poisoning. She kept on vomiting and was taken with diarrhea. Imagine standing in front of the sink for hours (2 hours) and vomit. Most of the things that she had vomited were mangoes. I wondered if the fruit had actually poisoned my wife. All I could do was to accompany her. I took my leave to bring her to see a doctor yesterday and I am glad that she was recovering.

My beloved wife and baby Jordan. Get well soon.

Then today...after I brought my beloved boy back home...he vomited even before we got out of the car. My body was covered with his vomit as I was carrying him. Immediately I showered him and allowed him to rest. Then within 2 hours he vomited another 2 times. My wife then decided that we should take him to see a pediatrician. Thank goodness the specialist clinic near our home was still opened. The doctor checked on my Jordan boy and confirmed that he suffered from food poisoning. The doctor claimed that his digestive tracts are inflamed.

My baby Jordan is so sick that he barely moved just now. I have never seen him in such a state. All he wanted is to be carried by me. He rested his head on my shoulder...I can tell that he is really not feeling well. Poor thing. My wife and I forced him to take him medicine right now. Fortunately he can sleep right now. I hope my wife and baby will get well soon as soon as possible. I am sure they both will.