Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who Want These 3 Angry Birds Speakers?

No one has expected these Angry Birds to be so famous and loved by millions of people across the globe. After all we don't like to see sour and angry faces in our lives right? But that is not the case with these birdie friends of ours. Apparently we enjoy watching how these Angry Birds run riot after their eggs were being "pig-napped" by those cute-looking green pigs. We even willingly devote our time to help these colourful Angry Birds to avenge their stolen eggs. Ha :D We were so crazy about Angry Birds that we have virtually everything with their faces onto it right? We have seen pillows, sandals, bottles, bags and even lanterns that come in the forms of these Angry Birds. Now we even have Angry Birds speakers.

Behold the rage of Angry Birds Speakers.

Introducing the official Angry Birds Speakers from Gear4. Gear4 has proudly rolled out 3 different Angry Birds speakers for Angry Birds lovers out there. Actually only 2 (real) Angry Birds were being given the honour to be immortalized as speakers. The other one was snapped by the Green Pig. That means another 3 of those Angry Birds (Blue, Yellow and White) were being ignored and left in their nests. I bet they must be really angry right now, especially with the pig. LOL :D So are you ready to own one of these Angry Birds speakers?


Red Bird
This is of course the most iconic of all the Angry Birds as we were introduced to this Red Bird in the beginning of the game. So all of us can easily relate to it. This speaker comes with a 3.5mm jack which is compatible with all music players. Besides that you will also get a special brown-coloured stand for your phone, music player or tablet. Meaning that this Red Bird Speaker will be compatible with other Android phones as well. Great!


Helmet Pig
Without these adorable pigs, we won't even have this so-called Angry Birds game in the first place right? So in other words, without them Angry Birds is nothing. That is why this Helmet Pig has been chosen as to be one of the official Angry Birds Speakers. The special thing about this Helmet Pig speaker is that it has a dock on top of the helmet for iPod and iPhone. Pretty unique if you ask me. Besides that it can recharge your iPod and iPhone. Not bad at all right? Ouh yeah~it comes with a remote control as well. Oinc~Oinc~


Black Bird
The most powerful (bulkiest) of all the Angry Birds, Black Bird will of course be included as one of the 3 official Angry Birds speakers. We won't wanna risk being exploded by him aye. Honestly I love the look of Black Bird which resembles a ninja. This Black Bird speaker will have dock that is compatible with all 3 devices from Apple: iPod, iPhone and Ipad. Like Helmet Pig, it has remote control for your convenient as well. So you can detonate it using your remote control from afar.

Angry Birds Speakers being showcased at IFA.

So are you ready to be one of the proud owners of these Angry Birds Speakers? If you are looking at expanding your Angry Bird merchandise, these 3 speakers are a must buy for you. I am sure the quality of these speakers will be excellent for your listening pleasure. Now playing Angry Birds will be more meaningful with the snorting sound of the pigs come from the Helmet Pig speaker. However you may need to fork out quite a lot for them. Red Bird will cost you £49.99 while Pig Helmet and Black Bird will each set you back by £69.99. It's time to slingshot these Angry Birds speakers!

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