Monday, September 19, 2011

When There Is No Fixed Line Broadband In My Life...

I can hardly get online these few days. No thanks to my Streamyx which is down right now. I don't know what is the main reason for me not being able to use it. I suspect that it was because of my very own faulty modem. After the heavy downpour last week, I couldn't access the internet using my fixed line broadband. Perhaps one of the merciless lightnings had fried my poor cheap modem? Hopefully I can get someone to fix this ASAP. It is really bothering me, as I need to use the internet very, very often.


Notice me being in MIA mode in your blogs for quite some time right? Sorry that I couldn't drop my comments as often as I do. Partly it is due to my hectic lifestyle being a daddy. :p And right now I cannot even access the internet using Streamyx, let alone visit your blogs and leave my comments. What an utter shame! :'( Thank goodness I still have my wireless broadband to rely on. Then again being wireless means it is relatively unstable and a tad slower compared to the fixed line Streamyx. I guess everything has its ups and downs huh...

Besides I have just realized that I need at least around 200MB of bandwidth for my normal routine of blogging, net surfing and social media-lizing every day! That's without downloading movies, songs or streaming youtubes. That's why fixed line broadband with unlimited bandwidth is still my preferred choice. *sigh* I think I have to wait for next week to fix my fixed broadband aye. Until then...take care everyone...

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