Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Have Finally Eaten McDonald's GCB

McDonald's is really smart, don't you agree? They will make you patronize their stores and eat their food again and again. You know the fast food that McDonald's is serving not healthy, and yet you are "powerless" against it. You can't help it. McDonald's will make sure that you cannot resist their temptation. It all boils down to McDonald's ingenious marketing plan. McDonald will make you feel that you have to eat their burgers, buy their toys and get their so-called limited edition Coca Cola Can Glasses (I am a victim of this campaign).

Yes. We are here to eat GCB!

Just when I thought I wouldn't step into another McDonald's for at least a few more months, I was proved wrong...again! McDonald's came knocking and I willingly opened the door. This time they claimed that they are offering something that I must have because it is unique like me! Yes it is the return of GCB that is unique like you. So if I don't eat I am not unique~lar? Haha :D What a lame line. But then again I can't help but succumb to this latest offering from McDonald's. Why? Because yours truly me have never ever tried GCB before.

So this is what my wife and I ordered.

Yes! We want the thrill of the taste!

Wow! A special wrapper to make sure the juice is sealed?

Aww...Behold the Great Chicken Burger...or was it Grilled?

In fact even my wife had not tasted this coveted burger before? That's why both of us paid McDonald's a visit when I was informed via SMS that GCB is back. So what is GCB? Grilled Chicken Burger? Great Chicken Burger? Goodness Cheesy Burger? I don't know...I don't think anyone knows. What I know is GCB is indeed one of the best burgers I have ever sunk my teeth into. It came mightily close to dethrone my French Chicken Burger from Burger King. Still it is good.

GCB is really delicious!

So what makes GCB so mouth-watering? Let us dissect the burger to uncover its secret, shall we? The 2 ingredients that really set GCB apart from the other burgers is its grilled whole chicken thigh and smoky chargrilled sauce. The chicken thigh has been wonderfully marinated and grilled to perfection. Every single bite of GCB is a tantalizing, juicy experience. Your taste buds are in for a flavoursome time! So have you eaten your unique GCB yet?

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