Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Am Usually Free After 10:30p.m.

If you have been following me for like...years (maybe 3 to 4 years), you would have known that ever since I became a daddy last July you can barely "see" me. Both my wife and my lives have been fantastically different since little Jordan's arrival. He is our main priority right now. Every where we go, we go there with little Jordan's comfort-ability in our mind; Everything we eat, we eat it for the sake of little Jordan; Everything we do, we do it for him. Ha :D In other words, little Jordan is my everything right now. So besides my beloved wife, naturally all my time belongs to him.

That's the time when I am usually free. :p

That's why you can only "see" me after 10:30p.m. every day. Why 10:30p.m.? Because usually my work will keep me stranded in the cubicle until around 5:30p.m; Then by the time I reach home and take my shower, it will be around 6:00p.m. Later both my wife and I will take our dinner before fetching our darling Jordan back at 6:30p.m. Then I will be playing with little Jordan until...until he is tired and sleepy. When he drifts into his dreamland it will be around 10:30p.m. That's why I am only free after this time. Ha :D So now if you want to catch a glimpse of me or chat with know what is the suitable time to do so right?

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