Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Jordan Destroyed My Spectacles...Finally!

For the first time, little Jordan has done what he has been trying for maybe...a few hundred attempts? He had finally grabbed hold of my spectacles and for the first time managed to break the frame. Haha :D I should have caned him right? Actually it was my fault lar because I allowed him to touch my spectacles. And why would I do that in the first place? Well...because the spectacles had broken twice before little Jordan broke it again for the third time last night.

What are you holding Jordan boy?

So should daddy cane you or not?

Watch how excited little Jordan was.

Was little Jordan happy? Well...of course he. It was like an accomplishment for him where he earned a badge. Ha :D Ok~this is an exception ok Jordan boy. Next time daddy gonna cane~cane you o. So what did little Jordan did with the broken frame? Ouh..he kept on waving it as if he had just won a trophy. Then what will happen to me? Can I still see and walk around without any glasses?

Now how can daddy see?