Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Had Secret Recipe & Watched Transformers 3

Last Saturday my wife and I went to Aeon Jusco Bandaraya to watch Transformers 3. For my wife it was the first time she would be watching the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons; likewise yours truly me, were grabbing my popcorns to watch my Bumblebee in action for the second time. The moment we touched down at Jusco, my wife and I went to GSC first to take our tickets. Throngs of moviegoers could be seen flocking in and out of GSC. Wow...a full house huh! Some could be seen sulking away as they couldn't buy tickets.

Guess where I sipped my Cappuccino?

Fortunately I have (a~hem) my ultimate GSC-EON Movie Card. Not only I can book my tickets online in advance, I can also get discounts for all my purchases. That's the perks of having a credit card I guess. So after claiming our paid tickets, my wife and I made our way to Secret Recipe. We still had like one hour before we Optimus Prime kick some metal asses. So my wife and I took our own sweet time to indulge a bit. Can you guess what did we order in Secret Recipe?

My creamy mushroom soup. Eii...no mushroom "swimming" around?

As for me...I would surely have my usual heavenly cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu. As my wife...she ordered something different this time around. I think she tried dory fish baked with delicious mozzarella cheese. I must say that I love the taste and texture of her fishy dish. The flesh was so darn succulent and juicy (no joke)! I am sure the mozzarella cheese had really enhanced the whole texture of the fish. The stalks asparagus and potatoes really complimented the cheesy fish well. 2 thumbs up! If you happen to be in Secret Recipe, maybe you can try it.

My chicken cordon bleu.

Wanna see how cheesy it can get?
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My wife's baked fish. Just look at the texture of the cheese...

What's underneath that sheath of mozzarella is what we call succulent!

Yours, truly me who is very greedy actually had a bowl of creamy mushroom soup before I walloped the cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu. After that my wife and I waved the waiter to...ask for the bill? No~No! We signaled him to say that he could serve our Banana Split! My wife and I simply loved our vanilla flavoured banana split! Aww...sharing a bowl of ice cream while looking at each other...priceless. It has been ages since we last had any. How about you?

Shall we split the banana now?

After we have gratified ourselves at Secret Recipe, off we headed towards GSC which is directly 2 storey above where we had just dined. Before we let the GSC receptionist tore our tickets...I actually went to buy myself a box of popcorn! See after walloping chicken cordon bleu, mushroom soup and banana split, I still wanted to have popcorn...I am really one greedy blogger huh! OK...moving on...we found our seats and snuggled in comfortably to watch Transformers 3! The movie started and I began stuffing those appetizing caramel popcorn into my mouth. Yum! Yum!

I am ready when you are Optimus!

P.S.: Sorry...no movie review in this post...go and watch Transformers 3 in 3D now! :)

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