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Students' Sex Den Just Opposite Their Schools?

Still remember approximately 10 days ago, TheStar reported about a sensational news in Malacca where students from secondary school gather every morning to have their very own sex and city. It was claimed that the  students have turned a back alley of a commercial centre in Jalan Gajah Berang into a so-called pre-dawn "sin and sex" paradise. The news also reported that those delinquent students converge at the back alley as early as 5:30am before going "wild". Traders in the area told the reporter that they have witnessed this almost every morning since the beginning of this year!

Photo taken from TheStar.

Shocking right? Wait until you read the remaining of my post. In the news, the traders in the area actually told the reporters that this sex party of the students have started since this year right? Correction: This sinful sex party of those lustful students actually started at least a decade ago. Yes! You read it right. This immoral activity has been happening for so many years and the hawkers and traders in that area know about it very, very well. They have known this open secret for so many years now. But why aren't the beans spilled?

School C.

School N.

I am going to tell you which schools are involved in this sensational news. No English dailies have divulged the full details of the schools but I am going to let some of these fat cats out of the small bag. The two schools involved are  only like a few steps away from the fast food restaurant shown below. For your information both these schools are single-gender school: one is all boys while the other is all girls. So every morning before school starts, delinquent students from both the schools will gather up and start their sex party.

The fast food restaurant mentioned in the news article.

Parents take note: So what time will this so-called sex party start? This unbelievable sexual jamboree starts as early as 5:30a.m. almost daily. Most of these immoral students have come to schools as early 5:30am every morning just to meet their "sex partners". So you parents who think that your children who want to got to school very early every day because they wanna study or do homework...think again! They might end up doing something that will shock you! It's time to be responsible to your kids and be more observant!

Let's go behind and see where it took place...

I, myself had been to the area (around 10am) a day after the report surfaced and of course there was nothing much to see. But I did interview a few traders there. They say it is a normal sight every morning to see students from both these schools gather there as early as 5:30a.m. to smoke, kissing and fondling each other, and some engage in oral sex even in the presence of other people. Some even had the gut to enjoy penetrative sex in the more secluded part of the area which is dimly-lit. Do you think they feel the slightest shame?

This is Back Alley A where the more "minor" actions took place like smoking.

One trader told me that she was shocked with what her eyes witnessed one day when she wanted to open her stall! Guess what did she see behind her stall? Her jaw dropped with was in front of her: A male student with his pants down, while the female student with he skirt up and legs spread....what else did you think happened? The 2 students were having sex behind her stall which was considered in the back alley of the Patisfrance which is one the same row as KFC. Both the student nonchalantly left the place as if nothing happened. Yeah! Students these days are really that screwed up...

This is Back Alley B where  "wild" activities are being carried out.

It certainly looked "private" huh!

So who's fault is it? Who should take the blame and shoulder this increasingly alarming burden? IHMO everyone needs to play their part to curb these illegal activities from worsening! I believe teachers have done their part well already. But it will be better if teachers can inform parents immediately should they realize their students are absent from school. Likewise parents should ensure that they don't allow their children to go to school to early should they suspect anything amiss. And parents should make sure that their children really step into the school and into their respective class before leaving. By doing so, chances of students playing truant or involving in other immoral activities can be reduced significantly.

At the other end of Back Alley A.

The other cleaner part of Back Alley B.

Now I am going to be a bit critical with our Police force. It is pretty obvious that the police should have tackled this problem more promptly. I understand that headmasters from both schools have already highlighted this distressing issues to the police...but their reports have seemed to fall on the deaf ears of the Malaccan Police. The question is: Why aren't our police doing anything? Like I have mentioned earlier, this has been happening for more than a decade already. Why no action is taken?

The locations of the students' sex red of course.

Obviously it is out of the schools' jurisdiction to curb these illegal activities. Moreover it is the police's responsibility to curb this illegal activities of the students. How come the Malaccan police are crossing their arms and are not doing anything? Isn't the police supposed to stop students from smoking? So they allow students to engage in sexual activity? And mind you...this back alleys are like the territory of gangsters, the hauled up students and beat them up here. Why isn't the police doing anything? We all know the answer...

Apparently we parents have to take this matter into our own hands as our PDRM has shown us again and again how ineffective or maybe just plain lazy they are. (Yes their salary keeps in rising) We can't let the police's selfish ignorance consume our children, can we? Maybe...just maybe they have other more important cases to be solved rather than "babysitting" our students. We parents need to step up right now! We can't watch our little ones decay in their own oblivion even though it means being really strict with them. We have to save them before it is too late!

I strongly believe that this reported case here is not the only one. I am sure there are more of such immoral activities revolving some of our students in other schools. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to be more proactive to stop this from becoming a cancer!

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