Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 1000th Blog Post

This is going to be my 1000th post! I first started blogging back in year 2007. That fateful day was 6th of December. I didn't or couldn't sleep the whole morning (around 1a.m.) as I was playing around with this new stuff called blogging. As I mentioned in my previous post: 5 Ways How Social Media Has Inspired Me, I never thought I would be a blogger back then. That day has certainly changed how I live my life. More than 3 and a half year have gone, and right now I am finally a proud blog owner with 1000 blog posts under my belt. Haha :D


Yes! I know it took me that long to hit this milestone. Nonetheless I am happy that I am still surviving today. That, itself is an achievement for me. I would like to thank my faithful readers who have been following stalking me for years now. Without you I am nothing. I also wanna take this opportunity to thank my Master Shifu for encouraging me (back then) to start my blogging journey. He was my course mate and house mate back then. It was he who gave me the momentum that I needed to be a blogger. May I present you my Master Shifu-Monk aka Mofandom in Twitterville.

Most importantly I have to thank my wife for being so supportive of me. She is the one who has always been at my back holding me up when everything seems to be crumbling down. She has always encouraged me to blog and even gives me ideas on how I should blog. Without her...I don't think I can even reach this 1000th post milestone. She is the 4 pillars that has never failed to inspire me. So thank you wifey for being the woman behind this successful blogger-me. *a~hem*. Haha :D

Again~thanks to everyone especially you-yes YOU, who are reading this. :)

P.S.: If you are interested to know my other 999 posts, you can always visit my Table of Content page to read them. Ha :D