Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrating Her Final Birthday...The Last Cake...

Remember last Saturday I lamented how fragile our life is right? I felt so after attending a birthday party. All this while I thought we human can live like...until 100 years. They say the advancement in technology has allowed us to live a longer and healthier they say...and I find it is not true anymore. It seems that our lifespan is getting shorter and shorter. We are becoming more and more mortal, don't you agree? We should be grateful if we can still live healthily until we hit 70 years old right? I really, really hope I can age gracefully and soundly. But then again...

Happy 68th Birthday to you aunty...

Last Saturday I witnessed with my own eyes how brutal life can be to us. I was invited to my aunt's birthday party. I was surprised to receive this invitation as this is the very first time I have ever attended her birthday. I reached her home around 8pm. A few of my relatives were already there when I reached. I stepped into the house and were taken aback with what I saw...there my aunt was slumped in a couch. She used to be very plump when I was young...around 90kg I guess. Then 3 months ago when I visited her during Chinese New Year, her condition was not that good already. She were already quite thin back then.

Unfortunately...our wishes fell on deaf ears...

But...not as skinny as what my watery eyes witnessed on that very Saturday night. She looked terribly skinny and frail. Her cheek bones were so showed sings of debilitation. I kneeled down, held her hand and wished her, "Happy 68th Birthday!" She looked at me strangely and asked who am I...she couldn't recognize me anymore. I was devastated, truly I was. I went outside and grabbed some food...but my mind kept on asking the same question, "What has happened to auntie?". I was worried the worse has yet to come.

The "money" I made for my aunty just now. May she rest in peace.

What I feared...showed itself in a form of a phone call. My cousin called yesterday evening informing us that my auntie has breathed her last breath. We were shocked to know she has passed away because we just celebrated her birthday last night. Life is really fragile. It's like a thin mirror that can easily be broken with a simple knock! Just like that...all the dreams and hopes held in the reflection of the mirror were shattered into pieces. No one can avoid death. And the truth is...all of us are born to die. It makes me wonder why we are alive...

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