Saturday, May 28, 2011

European Blueberry Cheese Pie @ Yeast Pastry House

Last week one of my colleagues gave me some leftover pie which I...well... reluctantly accepted and ate. It turned out that it is the most delicious pie I have ever eaten in Malacca, so far. Maybe even the best my taste buds have ever sampled before? Immediately I stormed to my colleague's cubical and interrogated how he managed to get such toothsome pie. After much probing I finally managed to locate the secret hideout where this delectable pie is baked!

The place you should get your blueberry cheese pie in Malacca.

That brings us to Kota Laksamana where the heavenly cheesy European blueberry cheese pie are hidden. Behold Yeast Pastry House which will gratify all your bready and cheesy urge. LOL :D Yours truly me has passed by this bakery like unlimited times, but that night was the very first time I stepped into it. There were so many people queuing up to buy their bread and pies. This certainly showed that they sell kick ass pastries right? I waited for quite some time before I could lay my hands on the prized European Blueberry Cheese Pie. And once I did...immediately I stormed back home to my wife.

Ready for some Cheesy experience?

I unboxed the European Blueberry Cheese Pie once I reached home to let my wife taste it. Both of us love cheesy food. So I am sure my wife will love it when I bought her this pie and of course..she did. :) We grabbed our silver  spoon (metaphorically speaking of course), scooped up mouthful of those yummy cheesy blueberry pie and shovelled it into our mouth. We gobbled up the whole pie within you can tell how delicious it was right?

OMG! Just look at the perfectly baked cheese crust. :p

Who wants a bite of this European blueberry cheese pie?

Not only it is cheesy but damn blueberry-ly too. Haha :D

Hmm...I wonder what cheese is used to make this pie. Cheddar maybe? Anyway This European Blueberry Cheese Pie cost us around RM14.90. Both my wife and I thought it was considered reasonable since it is very rich in cheese and delicious. This pie is definitely a must try for those who have a "cheesy" tooth or those who fancy blueberry "berry" much. I hope I didn't make any of you hungry right now. :p

Yeast Pastry House
No. 3, Jalan Kota Laksamana 3/8,
Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 3,
75200 Melaka.