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10 Things About Edward Scissorhands That You Might Not Know

Edward Scissorhands! No one can forget him after watching his scissors-cum-fingers! Have you watched this amazing movie before? I watched it and I can still vividly remember the movie even thought it was like 15 years ago? I reckon I had not even reach puberty back then...but this movie is so special that no other movies have come close to replace it...let alone to be mentioned in the same breath! Edward Scissorhands tells the story of an uncommonly gentle man. Don't you agree?

Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp
Yes! Innocence is what he really knows!

Who is the man behind Edward Scissorhands? He is non other than the enigmatic Johny Depp! I bet some of you couldn't recognize it was him right? Of course Jim Burton's strokes of genius allowed this movie to propel into its own untouchable domain, making it a classic in its own right...but it was Johny who brought in that very unique depth into the movie. This 1990 romantic fantasy film shows a tale of an "artificial" man known as Edward, who happened to be an unfinished creation who has scissors for his....hands of course. Now let us watch the trailer shall we?

Edward Scissorhands Trailer

From this 2 minutes 6 seconds trailer, I am sure you are tempted to watch Edward Scissorhands (again) right? for those of you who have watched the movie, I wanna tell you something (10 to be precise) that you might not know at all about this brilliant movie. So here's a list of things that you may not know about Edward Scissorhands...

10 Things You Might Not Know About Edward Scissorhands...

1~Johny Depp only spoke like 169 words throughout the whole movie which spanned 105 minutes. Seriously? I thought he talked a lot...Ha :D
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

2~The movie was Vincent Price's last screen appearance and his final shot on screen was a death scene. My...sounds so creepy.
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

3~Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and even the whacky Jim Carrey tried very hard to be Edward Scissorhands. In the end Johny Depp was given the nod.
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

4~This movie is filmed just outside of Tampa. Do you know that all the houses were painted one of these 4 colors: Sea-foam Green, Dirty Flesh, Butter and Dirty Blue. Yikes! What's with those fleshy colors? During the filming, the residents were moved to a local motel. For how many days?
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

5~Do you know that Nick Carter was featured in the movie too? Yes! In a scene where Edward is being driven to town, the car passes a house with children playing on a "slip and slide" on the front lawn. That boy who is running is one of the future Backstreet Boys.
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

6~Wanna know how Edward Scissorhands were brought to live? Johny Depp drew inspiration from a classic movie, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. No wonder they look so similar. :p
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

7~They say the only constant is change right? The same goes to Edward's scars on his face. All throughout the movie, the scars on Edward's face keep on moving changing in sizes and depth. Wow!
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

8~They say first is never the best. Phew! Thank goodness. Do you know that the first draft of Edward Scissorhands was written as a musical? Then again I wonder how it would turn out to be...
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

9~The giant hedge sculptures that Edward creates in the movie were actually made by wrapping metal skeletons in chicken wire, then they were weaved with thousands of small plastic sprigs. Do you know that many of the bush sculptures that Edward creates are significantly taller than the original shrubberies? What a "tall" loophole aye?
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

10~105 minutes is needed to make Edward up! Yes! Depp's wardrobe and prosthetic make up took an average 1 hour 45 minutes to apply. This is actually equal to the duration of the movie. *gasp*
Edward Scissorhands,Johny Depp

So how many of you know all the 10 things that were listed above? Honestly I know none of the facts presented above. However after knowing what I didn't know makes me more eager to watch this classic movie again. Let's see if I could identify those 10 things in the movie if I were to replay it. If you have not watch better do because Edward Scissorhands is an uncommonly gentle man. Ha :D

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