Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Manga Farming: Grow Plant With Your Comics

Do you like to read manga? Then do you like to play Farmville? What if I tell you that you can "play" Farmville using your mangas aka comics? Sounds really weird right? But....that's exactly what Koshi Kawachi is doing right now. This Tokyo-based genius has demonstrated his out-of-this world "Manga Farming" technique. Apparently Koshi Kawachi has too many mangas already, hence he decided to use all his old mangas (comic books) as a growing medium or "flower pot". :p

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Manga Farming.

Maybe Koshi Kawachi was trying to find a new way to plant radish sprout...but couldn't do so due to the limited space in his home...until he saw his old mangas. Ha :D So his old mangas are victimized and used as a place to cultivate those radish sprouts. His manga farming technique has been seen as a piece or artistry. Best of all...his "art" have been exhibited at Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya. Let's have a look at his magic shall we?

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Behold...The Manga Farming Museum...

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Radish sprouts...growing literally through the manga huh!

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Wow...now you can read your comics and enjoy "greeneries" at the same time. :p

Manga Farming,Plants With Your ComicsManga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Look at how the roots spread.

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Don't you think they are beautiful?

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Simply a living artistry. :)

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Wait a minute...what mangas are those?

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Ouh....this kind of manga huh! :p

I am still very much impressed with what I have seen. What do you think? The first time I saw this...my jaw dropped..seriously! I never thought that mangas can be used as a place for plant to flourish? This is truly something inspiring right? This is what we call think out of the book pot.  Do you wanna have a living art in your living room? Why don't you try Manga Farming folks?

Manga Farming,Plants With Your Comics
Don't forget to water your plant ok. :p

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