Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nokia Mini Speaker For My E72

I have always wanted to get an external speaker for my Nokia E72. Being a business-minded smartphone, my Nokia E72 lacks the "kicks and punches" of a music phone. Hence I went to scout for a suitable "mate" for my phone. After searching high and low...finally my eyes set upon a round mini speaker that I believe will complement my phone perfectly. Ladies and latest accessories for my Nokia E72...behold-Nokia Mini Speaker MD9! Have you seen this cute little baby before? :p

Nokia Mini Speaker MD9,Speaker For Phone,Portable Speaker
This will be my Nokia E72's soul mate. :p

One of the main reasons why I love this mini speaker so much is because its colours (black and red) really match  the Melkco rubberized snap cover that I bought for my phone. So both my Nokia E72 and the mini speaker really dovetail (at least visually) when they are paired together. Of course this mini speaker is more than meet the eyes. Its small form factor doesn't make it a pushover in the audio department. You will be surprised that this Nokia Mini Speaker MD9 packs a built-in amplifier and boost to have omni-directional sound. Now's that what we call rock!

Nokia Mini Speaker MD9,Speaker For Phone,Portable Speaker
Nokia Mini Speaker MD9 comes with convenient cable management system.

Once it is plugged into my phone, I can instantly listen the staggering difference. With Nokia Mini Speaker MD9, the music that I play sound unbelievably crispier, clearer and of course louder. The built-in amplifier really made the music played richer and bass-ier! Moreover you can also connect this little wonder here to other gadgets and devices with its standard 3.5mm connection. Yupe! Right now it is also the official "voice" for my laptop. :)

Nokia Mini Speaker MD9,Speaker For Phone,Portable Speaker

Nokia Mini Speaker MD9,Speaker For Phone,Portable Speaker
You can easily plug it into almost any devices. :)

Best of all, my sizzling red and black mini speaker also doubles up as an FM radio antenna. This means I can listen tune in to radio using my Nokia E72 with this speaker plugged in. However...this new gadget of mine does have one flaw. 2 AAA batteries are needed to power it up....but you get up to 50 hours of music playback. Fair enough? Do you know how much does this speaker cost me? I bought this original, genuine Nokia Mini Speaker MD9 for only RM59!

Nokia Mini Speaker MD9,Speaker For Phone,Portable Speaker
A~hem! I am now a proud owner of Nokia Mini Speaker MD9.

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