Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magical Red Packets That Will Make Me Healthier & Wealthier

If you were to stalk me on the Internet (social networking) especially Foursquare, you would have known my whereabouts right? This morning I went to 3 different temples to offer my prayers to the different deities. See how pious I am~:) In one of the temples, I have taken the highly sought after, prized...magical little red packets that will grant me whatever wish that I make. Sounds incredulous right? But that's what I believe these little ordinary-looking red packets will do. Hundreds of other prayers believe so too. How about you?

I took a lot right? Greedy me. :p

If you can recall, I have blogged about it last year: Chap Goh Meh & The Little Red Packets. You can view this post if you wanna know how the temple looks like. It is actually located on the "opening" of Jonker Street. Every year...on the 15th day of Chinese New Year, this temple will start giving out these mythical packets. Businessmen, white color people, parents come here to get their hands on these precious blessed red packets. There are different packets for different purposes. Wanna know what I have taken?

出入平安 (Always Be Safe No Matter Where We Are): Well if you travel a lot, you might want to get this one to ward off bad happenings. :p

magical red packets,chinese new year
身体健康 (Healthy): I believe this is a must have for everyone right? Who doesn't want to live happily an healthily?

magical red packets,chinese new year
财源广进 (You Will Be Prosperous):If you are doing business this is what you need. You will be blessed with lots of money. :p

magical red packets,chinese new year
步步高升 (Scale Higher): If you are hoping to climb up the corporate ladder in your company, this is the red packet that you should get.

magical red packets,chinese new year
多逢贵人 (Connected With Influential People): These are the people who will influence your life. Be it for you business or for you to scale higher in your company. They will be the one who gives you opportunity indirectly. :p

magical red packets,chinese new year
有求必应 (You Will Seek What You Ask): Sounds a bit too good to be true right? But pressing time when you don't have other options. This might come in handy.

magical red packets,chinese new year
合家平安 (Whole Family Live Happily & Peacefully): This is the most important for all of us. It doesn't matter if we earn millions right? What matters is our family will always be happy and healthy. :)

I have taken these red packets for my brother, wife and of course myself. We will then use the money (coins) inside of the packets to buy something useful for ourselves such as...stationary, don't know. Something that we can use every day. :p So have these red packets serve their purposes so far to me? I will say...YES! :p So did you get these red packets from the temple too?

magical red packets,chinese new year
Don't forget to use them. :)

P.S.: Do you notice that each of these packets is imprinted with numbers? Wanna try your luck? Go buy number and see if you strike anything. :p

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