Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Jordan's New Playground

Babies need to play all the time, don't you agree? The more babies play the more they will learn. That is why my wife and I play with little Jordan as much as we can. We devote all our time having fun with our darling boy. In fact the only thing little Jordan does besides sleeping and drinking milk is playing with his "huge" toys-mommy and daddy. One of the best ways our little ones learn is through what they experience.

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
Our little Jordan is always eager to learn. :)

Every single thing that our little tots touch will become a new experience for them. What they hear, what they see, what they scent will be imprinted in their brain cell connections. So it is very important for us parents to allow our little ones "room" to roam free. Our babies need their very own tuft where they can call it their playground. It is a place where they scatter their toys, let their imagination take flight and of course occasionally for them to throw tantrum. LOL :D

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
"Daddy~I wanna put on your shirt can?"

Recently my wife and I discovered a new "playground" where little Jordan can really enjoy himself. Yupe! It is  Connected Tots that we stumbled upon the other day. After watching the Youtube video showing how Tania helped her mother, both my wife and I understand about brain cell connections better. We want our little Jordan to be a connected tot. Hence we scourged through Connected Tots and we are happy to know it will be a great place for little Jordan to learn.

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
My beloved wife is teaching little Jordan.

Apparently Connected Tots is a microsite created by Anmum to assist parents like me and my wife to understand more about our babies. My wife loves to explore this site as it is very mommy-friendly. Hey! What happens to daddy? LOL :D My wife told me that she actually understand about brain cell connections better after checking out this site. However that's not it, you can do tonnes of stuff on this microsite.

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
This will be little Jordan's new "playground". :D

Best of all, Connected Tots is created specially for mommies to connect with their little tots. So have all you mommies visited this new playground yet? Although little Jordan is only 6 months old, my wife is already very excited about playing the games in this microsite with him. Of course little Jordan is a bit too young. Perhaps another few more months, he will be the one sitting in front of the screen clicking away. :)

Mommies~Wanna know what else you and your little ones can do together at Connected Tots? Mommies and babies...fasten your seat belts.You are about to discover what you can do in your new "playground":

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
1~Brain Cell Connections. Here those not-so-science-y mommies (like my beloved wife :p), you can know more about brain cell connections and why it is so damn important for our little ones.

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
2~Anmum Essential. Basically we will know more about Anmum Essential growing milk and why it is so special. Wanna know why? Go check it out. :)

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
3~Mum's Role. Still unsure if you are doing the right "thing" as a mom? Haha :D Fret not, here's some tips on how mommies (and daddies) can help make our babies smarter!

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
4~Stories. The younger we instill the habit of reading in our little ones, the better right? Here, we can read some interactive story books together with our little ones. My little Jordan surely enjoy looking at the pictures. :)

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
5~Games. Of course this is the "essential" part for our babies right? By allowing our children to play games, they will learn faster. The games here are interesting in a sense that it helps to educate our tots. Parents can have fun too. :D

I have tried and my wife is still playing with it. How about you mommies? :) We enjoyed ourselves here and have certainly learnt a few good tips about parenting. And I am sure in no time our little Jordan will be exploring his new "playground" on his own. Head over to Connected Tots to start your exploration with your little ones. :)

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
So do you like your new playground Jordan boy? :)

By the way my wife and I decided to request some Anmum Essential milk sample for our little Jordan. Why? It is (do correct me if I am wrong) because so far, Anmum Essential is the only milk that I know which comes with Gangliosides. Gangliosides as we all know is an important nutrient to maximize your children's brain cell connections. In other words, Anmum Essential might be able to help our little Jordan to become the next Albert Einstein.Yeah! We are kiasu and we wanna give him the best.

Connect The Tots,Anmum Essential
Daddy and mommy will give you the best that we can. :-X

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