Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally I Can Snip My Fingernails

*Click! Click!* After 15 days finally...I can snip my long, unsightly finger nails. Why? Well...during Chinese New Year the Chinese believe that we should not snip our finger nails from the the first day till the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. Apparently if we do so, we will risk having a bad year filled with unfortunate events. Worse still...we might be financially deprived as snipping away our nails signify we are throwing away your "wealth". So did you snip your nails during this prosperous festival? Ha :D

Snip My Finger Nails
Euwww....I need manicure right?

Actually this is just part of the long list of "Don't Do" during Chinese New Year. I wonder who came out with all these crazy No-No list? Hmm...then again I believe taboos were there for their very own reasons which I am not going to go against. How about you folks? Did you refrain yourself from doing anything during this CNY because you are not supposed to? :p