Saturday, December 11, 2010

Granpa Fed Little Jordan Milk

Little Jordan was crying profusely one morning in Taiping..."What is happened?" his granpa asked. We checked his diaper...nope no brownies detected, so he must be hungry. Grandpa was carrying little Jordan at that time while mommy (my wife) was preparing his milk. His cries became louder and louder. Grandpa was getting really anxious as he didn't want his precious little Jordan to get hungry. Mommy came with the milk and guess what? Instead of mommy feeding little Jordan, grandpa took the bottle and fed him. We were all shocked...including little Jordan. Ha :)

Granpa Fed Little Jordan Milk
Little Jordan quietly sucking his milk.

This was the very first time Jordan was fed by his grandpa. Grandpa was beaming when he held little Jordan in his arm and bottle-fed him. must be such a special feeling for grandpa because the last time he saw little Jordan he was only 14 days old. Time flies...I am sure little Jordan misses grandpa too. Look at  him, gazing at his grandpa while being fed. :)

Granpa Fed Little Jordan Milk
Look at little Jordan. He is looking at his grandpa. ;)

Granpa Fed Little Jordan Milk
Grandpa burping little Jordan. He was smiling! Ha :D

It has been 4 days since we left Taiping to return to Malacca. So the next time grandpa will have the opportunity to feed Jordan again, it will be next year's Chinese New year. Another 2 more months before our next vacation up north again! I am sure both little Jordan and his grandpa will be looking forward to see each other again. Until next year ok? Don't worry...time can fly...really fast. :D

Granpa Fed Little Jordan Milk
Happy grandpa and grandson! :)

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