Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't Let Regrets Replace Your Dreams

Today is "today" already! Yesterday ended last night. So today is more valuable to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret. Don't you agree? Regret always looks back while worry often looks around, but vision looks up! Which is you? Have regrets been the ones who are replacing your dreams? You can be fathomed backward, but it must be lived forward. If past history were all that mattered, historians would be the only successful people in the world!

Don't Let Regrets Replace Your Dreams 2
Are you still living in the past?

The past should only be viewed with gratitude for the good things that we have learnt; the past should only be appreciated for the lessons that have made us wiser. So look forward with confidence and conviction! Your past is the start of your fresh beginning; Your past is your bridge that leads you to a new place filled with hope. Vivian Laramore Rader said it right, "I have shut the door on yesterday and thrown the key away-tomorrow holds no fear for me, since I have found today." Use the past as your launching pad. Your past existed to serve as a purpose for your brighter, limitless future.

They say experience is at best yesterday's answer to today's problem. How so true.You past shouldn't be your potential. Bear this in mind: Never build your future around your past. In order to move forward, you must be willing to shed part of your previous life. Even the butterfly has to shed its pupa to spread its beautiful wings and fly! It's time to move on and scale greater heights!

Don't Let Regrets Replace Your Dreams
Never stop dreaming!

While driving keep your eyes on the road, and use your rear-view mirror only to avoid trouble. You are no Michael J. Fox so stop taking journeys back into the past. Don't make the mistake of letting yesterday use up too much of your today! Don't view your future only from the perspective of yesterday. It is too easy to limit everything and hinder the dream within you. Your past should be your springboard and not a hammock!

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams
~John Barrymore~

Don't you agree that your future should hold more happiness than any past you can remember? You can't walk backward into the future. True misery can be found by being a yesterday person trying to get along in a tomorrow world. Don't let your past mistakes become memorials. They should be cremated, not embalmed. Never stay so far in the past that the future is gone before you even get there. The more you look backward, the less you will see what's ahead for you.

Don't Let Regrets Replace Your Dreams
The future will always look better.

Those who talk about the past are going backward; Those who talk about the present are usually just maintaining. But those who talk about the future are growing. You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday today. Yesterday has passed forever and is beyond our control. What lies behind us is insignificant compared to what lies ahead. We are the ones who chart our own journeys, so look ahead!

Don't let regrets replace you dreams!