Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies

This is not your ordinary pillow folks. It has been claimed that this pillow has been used widely to pacify babies. Do you know about this? You should if you are a parent or expecting parents. My wife and I got to know about this from her confinement lady. She bought this special pillow for our little Jordan, saying that this pillow is a must for all babies especially newborns. So ever since birth this organic pacifying pillow has been little Jordan's companion. Always stays by his side.

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies
Why Jordan? You can't sleep?

This pacifying pillow is manufactured by Bumble Bee and it will cost you somewhere around RM30. So why do you babies need this pacifying pillow? You see newborns are very prone to get startled where they are asleep. So our parents, grandparents or forefathers will make a special "Ya Jing Pillow" with beans or rice for the babies. So Bumble Bee actually makes it easier for babies to have this pillow so that they can have a better sleep. Bumble Bee's Pacifying pillow is made of bean sprouts so it should be safe for babies.

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies
Here's your pacifying pillow.

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies
War...organic. :)

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies
Cute cover right?

From my experience as a daddy, this pacifying pillow really works. By placing it on little Jordan's tummy, he can have a better sleep. Moreover this also prevents him from getting startled by any loud sounds such as firecrackers or sounds emitted by vehicles. A few weeks ago, I actually bought another one for little Jordan. But no...the new is not to pacify him. But rather to strict his hand so that he doesn't scratch his ears, nose, eyes...or whatever. LOL :D

Pillows That Can Pacify Babies
Need two pillows to pacify little Jordan. LOL :D

Right now...his two pacifying pillows serve another purpose. Little Jordan is using both of them as his new toys. He will throw them around, lift them up like "dumbbells" or even chew them. So you use pacifying pillow is really important for babies right?

Watch how little Jordan "pacify" his pillows

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