Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing Basketball Again...

Finally I am going to play basketball on a regular basis again. Let me rephrase: now I am able to play basketball every day (almost) again. You see I used to play basketball daily when I was in secondary school and in University. In fact...I still play basketball almost daily when I started working until...little Jordan came into my life. After my beloved baby's arrival, I have virtually no time and energy to play basketball anymore. Besides that, the fact that my basketball was punctured some time ago didn't help either.

Playing Basketball Again,Basketball
Seeing balls...

I really yearn to play basketball every day. Although I do play basketball like once a week on a basketball  court near my company, I still think it is not enough. I need to be really active again. After being dormant for 4 months, I decided that I need to do something. I need to play basketball again on a regular basis. That's why I went to Tesco two days ago. There they were, in front of me, racks after racks of balls...I actually spent quite some time deciding which ball should follow me back home. Guess which one was chosen to be my destined ball?

Playing Basketball Again,Basketball
It's time for me to play basketball again.

Now I can play basketball more often. I played a good 1-hour of basketball yesterday evening. Although I played alone on the basketball court, I am happy nonetheless. To be able to run and shoot some balls. It made me forget that I am 25 years old for a moment. It made me feel like I am 15 again. Then again I am really rusty right now. Need to train harder now to reach my top form again.

Playing Basketball Again,Basketball
Are you ready to play basketball?

Moreover I need to raise my level of endurance. More push ups and sit ups are needed. I hope I can regain my core strength as soon as possible. Hence I believe my performance on court will increase in tandem too. I really love basketball because it is one of the ways I release my tension, stress or whatever you call them. Playing basketball allows me to be myself again without worrying about anything else. It makes me feel so alive. So who else wanna play basketball?

Playing Basketball Again,Basketball
It feels good to be on the court again...

P.S.: This ball cost me around RM26. I hope it can last longer than its "predecessor". :)