Friday, October 22, 2010

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time

Right now all Jordan wants is sitting! A few weeks ago my little Jordan didn't want to lie flat on his back anymore. Well...he will lie on his bed but only  for awhile. If we don't distract him, little Jordan will start his "singing" to bring down the house or even the whole neighborhood. He wants to sit so badly...although being assisted. Even when we are carrying him, he demands that he is carried in a sitting posture. LOL :D My little Jordan has really grown up now and he has changed a lot.

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time,Babies Sitting
Jordan wants to be "seated" all the time!

Day after day, he is getting different. This is what we call growing. Little Jordan is showing us all sorts of his newly developed behavior, attitude and even the way he "speaks". That's why both my wife and I strongly believe that we should take care of him instead of sending him to the babysitter for day and night care. We don't want to miss anything about little Jordan. And sitting happens to be what he loves the most right now. The other day, my wife helped him to sit on our sofa. Guess what? He was so happy and you can see him beaming with joy.

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time,Babies Sitting
Jordan~mommy teaches you how to sit ok?

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time,Babies Sitting
Ready Jordan? :)

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time,Babies Sitting
Jordan is really excited. Ha :D

Hmm...I guess a lot babies would want to sit after they are 3 to 4 months old right? I believe Jordan wants to sit instead of lying because he can see, learn and experience a lot of new things while he is sitting. His eyes will look around and he will smile all the time. When I am carrying him, he will look to his left, then turn to his right and heads up to peek at me. Aww...such a joy to see him grows up. :)

Jordan Wants To Sit All The Time,Babies Sitting
Next time you try to sit on your own ok~Jordan?

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