Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Miss Our Little Jordan

He left us this morning...when I came back...I couldn't see my little Jordan in his baby cot anymore. I felt really sad that I couldn't catch a glimpse of my baby when I stepped into the house. My wife was leaning on his baby cot...staring at the empty baby cot. She was crying...she told me she missed our little Jordan very, very much. I was instantly saddened too. A lump appeared in my throat...I almost broke into tears at the sight of my wife. We missed our little Jordan a lot...

Do you know where had my little Jordan been?

We Miss Our Little Jordan
He was not in his cot this morning...

Our little Jordan left us early in the morning to be taken care by the baby sitter. Ha :D Yes, he is almost two months old already and my wife will resume her job soon. So we have to send him to the babysitter as both our moms are no longer around to help us take care of our little Jordan. For the past 2 months, every day after I reached little Jordan will greet my homecoming. Today when I reached home...his absence really made me missed him so much. Of course his mother missed very, very, very much so that she cried. After all she is the one who bore and brought him to this world :)

We Miss Our Little Jordan
We miss his sleepy face.

We Miss Our Little Jordan
We miss his attentive eyes.

That's why my wife and I couldn't wait to fetch our little Jordan back home when it was evening already. I guess we have to adapt ourselves for not being able to see our little Jordan for a few hours. We can still see him in the evening right up to the next morning. Yupe! He will only be at the baby sitter's place for a few hours each day. Besides he will be with us on every Sundays. :)

More importantly...

We Miss Our Little Jordan
We miss little Jordan's immaculate smile. :D

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