Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes

After savouring the Precious Black and Grand Ruby from Baker's Cottage, I have decided to take this mooncake eating experience to a whole new level. Finally I was willing to take out the hidden box of Japanese ice cream mooncakes which has been idling in the freezer of the refrigerator for more than a week. This is my very first time trying out ice cream mooncakes. I gotta thank my dearest brother for buying these glorious, chilling mooncakes for me. He brought it all the way back from KL.

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
My first box of Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes

I didn't know what to expect because I have never ever seen an ice cream mooncake in my life (Yeah! I know I am very "Jakun") before! Japanese words can been seen on this pink box and I don't understand a single word although I have studied them back in university. LOL :D I marveled at the box and held my breath while opening the lid. I reminded myself that this is no ordinary mooncakes. Inside of this box are imported (I am showing off huh!) Japanese ice cream mooncakes. Ready to see what surprises were awaiting me?

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
Ta~da! Ice Cream mooncakes from Japan. :)

*Gasp* There they were sitting nicely in their respective slots. OMG! I can't believe mooncakes can be made to look like this? They were beautifully shaped and the vibrant colors really put a gloss on them. Just look at the details. I thought they look really cute. How on earth am I willing to bite these pieces of artistry? Can you? Ouh well...*chomp! chomp! chomp!* it tasted so different.

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
Hmmm...Cherry ice cream mooncake?

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
This looks so peachy! :)

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
An apple a day keeps the doctor away right?

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
The pyramid?

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
Hmm...what is this? A leaf ice cream mooncake? tasted really different from any other mooncakes that my taste buds have tried. It tasted more creams. The skin of the mooncakes are really different...and there were also some ingredients in the mooncakes which I don't recognize. All in all eating these sweet, chilling ice cream mooncakes from the land of rising sun is really tantalizing. Have you tried these ice cream mooncakes before?

My Japanese Ice Cream Mooncakes
Guess which is my first Japanese Ice Cream Mooncake?

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