Friday, October 1, 2010

Proof That My Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati Status

A few days ago I was terrified to know that my Nuffnang Glitterati status has been stripped. Can you imagine my horror after knowing that I am just a normal Nuffnanger? I freaked out because without the Glitterati status my earning would nosedive by at least 100%. 100% is a lot and I am going to show it to all of you Nuffnangers out there. Ok, let's talked about what actually happened to my Glitterati status ok. You see the moment I was reverted to the ordinary, non-exclusive Nuffnanger status, I immediately contacted Nuffnang.

Please CLICK on the images below if you want to have a bigger view of the screenshots. Or you can use a magnifying glass. :)

Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati
Arrgghh...what happened to my Glitterati status?

I was taken aback because I didn't add any competing ad from South-east Asia into my blog. I submitted my "ticket" to Nuffnang's help desk inquiring about this mysterious problem. After anxiously waiting for a day, Nuffnang finally replied my question. Apparently my Nuffnang Glitterati status has been stripped off because of my own fault. What happened? It so happened that I changed the blog template in my another blog and I have forgotten to add the Nuffnang code again. Hence when Nuffnang's automated crawler couldn't detect the Nuffnang ad codes in that blog, my Glitterati status was suspended.

Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati
Finally I am a Glitterati again after rectifying the mistake. :p

As mentioned earlier, I really NEED my Glitterati status. In fact all bloggers who want to make money with Nuffnang must make sure that they have this exclusive status-Glitterati. Now let us look at how much money you will lose if you are not a Glitterati Nuffnanger shall we? This time around I have solid proof to show you that you will lose at least 100% of your earning if you are not a Glitterati. Don't believe me? Read on to find out the truth.

Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati
My pathetic earning without Glitterati status.

Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati
Woohoo! My actual earning as a Glitterati Nuffnanger.

While my Glitterati status was suspended, I took the opportunity to capture the screenshot of my Nuffnang earning. Then I capture the screenshot of my Nuffnang earning again after I regain my Glitterati status. I was shocked to see the insane difference in earning. My Nuffnang earning dropped 111% without Glitterati status! Goodness! 100% is already a lot and without Glitterati I have lost 111% of my deserved earning which is RM84.69! *Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!* Now you know the huge, gaping difference of this exclusive status right?

Comparison of my Nuffnang earning (Ordinary VS Glitterati)
Nuffnang Earning Dropped 111% Without Glitterati
Can you see the HUGE difference?

So if you are not an exclusive Nuffnanger-Glitterati, I advise you to ditch all the other advertising networks from South-east Asia if you want to maximize your earning potential with Nuffnang. That is how you can increase your Nuffnang earning by at least 100%. So don't deprive yourself of this 100% of Nuffnang earning which you deserve to have. If not, Nuffnang will be more than happy to rake in the money which is rightly yours. *chuckle* Ha :D So I hope with the evidence that I have presented before your eyes, you will know what to do next. :)