Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill

Do you love windmill? I don't but my little Jordan really, really loves his windmill a lot I tell you. He heart his windmill so much that he can spend all his time admiring his latest toy-the windmill. He has to thank his grandpa for buying him this colourful windmill. My father bought it in our Pasar Malam (as in "night market" in Malaysian language) for RM4. Every day when my little Jordan reaches home from the babysitter's place, he will lay in his baby cot and gazes at his colourful windmill.

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill
Little Jordan's colourful windmill.

We have bought not one but 2 windmills for him. One is being fitted to his baby cot downstairs and the other one is upstairs beside our bed. Ha :D I think little Jordan is kinda "addicted" to his windmill. He will ignore all of us and observes how his windmill spins. He will look at his windmill and smile. Sometimes he might even let out a piercing laughter while gazing at his windmill. Perhaps he is fascinated with the colours of the windmill? Or maybe the spinning of 7 "flowers" mesmerize him a lot?

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill
What are you looking at~ar Jordan~boy? :)

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill
See...he keeps on staring at his windmill.

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill
Can daddy borrow your windmill for a while?

Here's a 35-second video showing my little Jordan gazing at his windmill. He totally ignored his daddy, me. All you care is his colourful windmill. Ha :D

This colourful windmill has certainly put a broad smile on our darling Jordan's face. The colourful flowers make our little boy a very cheerful baby. Sometimes even I am enchanted by it. Hmm...maybe it is mystical? Parents can get this colourful windmill of your babies. You will be surprised by the magic that a windmill can conjure! :)

Little Jordan's Colourful Windmill
His smile says it all. :)

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