Friday, August 13, 2010

SpyBie Doll-The New Barbie Video Girl Doll

If you are a huge Barbie doll fan, then you gotta grab this latest Barbie Video Girl Doll from Mattel. It looks just like one of the Barbie standing on your shelf right now, but if really squint your eyes and scrutinize this barbie you will know she is not your ordinary barbie doll. A closer look reveals a camera in her pendant complete with a stamp-size colour screen on her back. I am sure a lot of girls out there will be very excited with this cool new Barbie Video Girl Doll!

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam

Get your very own Barbie Video Girl

Girls and all the Barbies fans (including lots of boys and men) will fancy this Barbie Video Girl Doll because you can shot movies from Barbie's point of view. Yupe! Imagine you can shoot videos of your Barbie dolls gathering together and enjoying a high tea session. I wonder who come out with this brilliant idea, but I am sure it will be a hit.

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam
Did you notice the necklace is actually a camera?

Before you the director can start filming about your Barbie-licious life, your Barbie Video Girl Doll must be powered with 2 AAA batteries. The wacky part is that each of the AAA batteries will be fitted in each of the Barbie Doll's legs. No wonder her legs look so meaty~lar! I thought due to lack of exercise. Now once you have your batteries to juice Barbie Video Girl, you can start recording video of up to 30 minutes. However you can only record webcam-quality AVI video. You can use  the 3 buttons at her back to control the camera.

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam
Can you spot the batteries? Hahaha :D

You can watch the videos you have recorded on the screen but there will be no sound. Yikes! Why no sound? I don't know. Some of you might lament that 30 minutes is really too short right? That's why you can transfer all the video clips recorded to your computer via the provided UB cable. Moreover do you know that Barbie Video Girl Doll's legs are quite flexible. Both her legs can be bent to allow her to "pose". In order words...her legs make good tripod. LOL :D

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam

Barbie Video Girl,Mattel,Spycam

Then'd better be careful the next time you happen to see a Barbie Doll folks. Because it might be a   SpyBie Doll lurking from the cabinet, spying on your every move. Yupe! Let's hope that nobody abuse this new Barbie Video Girl and use it as a spycam to invade people's privacy! So my gentle reminder: beware of barbie doll the next time you see them.

Mattel's Barbie Video Girl Doll

Fancy toying with this new Barbie Video Girl and be a director? You will need to fork out around US$50 (RM160) to add her to your Barbie Doll collection.

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