Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tekkaus Is Now A DaddyBlogger?

Tekkaus is now a DaddyBlogger? Hmm...that is certainly one fancy name huh! So I am wondering if I will be known as a DaddyBlogger from now onwards. If you are my ardent "fans", you would have known that I have been blogging a lot about my beloved little Jordan right? In the space of one month, I have penned down more than 10 blog posts about him. (Click here to read about them) I can't help it I guess. I just want to document all these special moments down before they were engulfed by time.

Tekkaus Is Now A DaddyBlogger
My precious little boy. :)

But does that qualifies me to be a DaddyBlogger? Hmm...we have read a lot of MommyBloggers right? They are moms who can post literally everything about their little ones. In other words these mamas blog exclusively about their lives and their children and nothing else. Likewise my blog-Tekkaus, talks about virtually everything that grasp my attention. So I am not sure if I can proudly call myself a DaddyBlogger!

Tekkaus Is Now A DaddyBlogger
Aww~thanks little Jordan. :D

A DaddyBlogger or not, I will still blog about my little Jordan for he is "grasping" all my attention right now! Right now it seems like he is the only thing that matters to me and my wifey. Our world simply revolves around him. So there will be tonnes of posts about my little Jordan in the future. I may not be in the same league as those famous Daddybloggers out there, but I am more than happy to be a DaddyBlogger in my little Jordan's eyes! :D