Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now I Am A Professional Photobucket-er!

As a blogger, we all need photos to make our posts more interactive and interesting. Do you agree? I believe with the suitable photos, we can make our posts more engaging and hence garner more readers. That's why almost all of us need a image hosting service. Personally I really, really love Photobucket. IMHO, Photobucket is the BEST image hosting service available out there for bloggers. No...I AM NOT PAID to write all these flattery words for Photobucket. Instead I am the one who paid Photobucket in order to use their service recently. Why?

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro
Did you see these Photobucket Warning the other day?

You see I had been using the FREE Photobucket service for almost 2 years now. With this free Photobucket account, I will be given 500MB of storage and 10GB of monthly traffic bandwidth which I think is a lot. But some time ago (18th June), I received emails from Photobucket telling me that I have exceeded my 10GB monthly traffic bandwidth. Wow! I was perplexed and to my horror...some of the images have already been blocked. is time for me to upgrade from free Photobucket to the Pro Version of Photobucket.

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro
So what should I do now? Upgrade to pro?

I contemplated....pondered...and agonized over it. I was at my wits' end trying to decide whether I should upgrade or not. After 3 minutes ( was momentary :p) of hesitation, I immediately upgraded to Photobucket Pro. It is really no-brainer to be honest. I love Photobucket because of sheer simplicity and its incredible ease of use. Besides all my pictures were being hosted by Photobucket, so I don't mind splurging a little to have unlimited traffic bandwidth. Moreover increased image bandwidth traffic means increased in blog traffic too right? :)

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro

Really? Let me see more.

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro

So right now I am a certified Professional Photobucket-er! To upgrade from the free photobucket account to the Pro Photobucket account cost me around US$39.90 (RM129) for 2 years. It is relatively affordable since I will be uploading more and more photos. You can also opt for the 1 year subscription which will cost you US$24.95 (RM81). The 2 years subscription is of course a better deal right? :)

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro
Now I have unlimited storage and bandwidth the pro Photobucket lar.

Now what do you get with the paid Pro version of Photobucket? The main benefits you get being a Pro Photobucket-er are UNLIMITED storage and traffic bandwidth. This means you can upload more high resolution images of up to 4000x3000. Apart from that you will have a custom URL for each of you photo album which is really cool. And one of the most important features is that with a pro account, you can keep your links active. This is particularly important because you don't want your images to disappear from your blog posts right? But for me...its simplicity alone is enough to make me happy.

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro
I have subscribed mine for 2 years. :)

For your information, at the time of this writing (June 2010), Photobucket currently ranked No.1 ahead of Flikr in a review done by Top 10 Reviews. Now the question is should you upgrade to pro and be a Professional Photobucket-er like me too? The answer is you don't have to unless you have exceeded your monthly bandwidth. I believe the free Photobucket is already quite good. Of course I no longer see all those ads in my Photobucket albums after I have upgraded to pro. So are you using the free Photobucket to host your images? Try it and you will love it. :)

Free Photobucket,Photobucket Pro
Now I am a Professional Photobucket-er! :)

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