Monday, June 7, 2010

My New Cyber Eyeworks

Here's the gift that almost all of you got it right. Out of my 4 birthday gifts, this is the easiest one you guys could guess it right. I believe my clue was way too easy. Cheh~! Not fun at all. But for those uninitiated, let's have a look at the clue again shall we?

"Present C A~ha! Present C is actually something that I should have made earlier since that unexpected incident some time ago. But time and again I procrastinated because it was expensive and fragile. Present C is not a must but it is necessary for me to foresee the future. A~ha! What is this?"

Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
What's inside?

Actually the phrase "Present C" is already embedded with the link to my earlier post: Unexpected Second Break Up, where I talked about my spectacles which has broken a few months ago. And my hint "...foresee the future..." definitely did all the job for you aye. Yupe! This present is actually my latest spectacles-my new Cybe Eyeworks. My wife dragged me to Focus Point and insisted that I made a new pair of glasses to replace my trendy-looking broken spectacles. I was reluctant at first but later on...after much pestering from my wife...I finally gave in.

Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
Ouh...there's an orange box. But what's inside of it?

Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
A~ha! My new spectacles.

Initially I wanted to go for the cheaper, metal type of frame. But the salesperson opposed against it after I related what had happened to my previous "casualties". She said that I should buy the the plastic frame spectacles because it is slightly more durable. wife persuaded me to pick the plastic frame. So I started browsing for my new "eyes"...and voila, "I want you!" I chose Cyber Eyeworks' black color plastic frame glasses. I really love it. :)

My trendy New Cyber Eyeworks!
Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
Cool right?

I wanna thank my beloved father, dearest brother and darling wifey for forking out their money to make this new pair of glasses for me. I felt so bad. Don't worry I will take good care of it. I really, really love my new pair of glasses. It is very trendy. In fact, after putting this sabre black glasses on I feel 10 years younger. Do you agree folks? LOL :D

Cyber Eyeworks, Focus Point, Plastic Spectacles
I look very "in" right with my new Cyber Eyeworks. :)

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