Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot Blog Topics In Tekkaus

Wanna know what are the hottest topics that are being read in Tekkaus? A~ha! That's why some time ago I created a poll for my readers to vote for their favourite topics. I believe it is important for me to know what my loyal readers wanna read for they are my "Kings & Queens". So it is essential for me to understand which topic intrigues you guys the most. After taking such a loooong time to tabulate all the data, so here's the final polling results voted by all of you. Ta~da!


1~Crazy/Insan/Nonsense [60%]
2~Personal [60%]
3~Humour/Funny [56.7%]
4~Blogging How-to [43.4%]
5~Lifestyle (Relationship/Dating/Health) [43.3%]
6~Technology News (Gadget, Internet etc.) [43.3%]
7~Entertainment (Music/Movie review/Celebrity Gossip) [40%]
8~Breaking/Weird News [36.7%]
9~Make Money Online [30%]
10~Sports [13.3%]

As you can see crazy, nonsensical topics and my very own personal rantings top the chart. Yeah! You guys really love to read sensational crazy news just like my hottest Anri Suzuki-The Porn Star With A Doctorate huh! Then again I realized my posts such as World Cup Syndrome which depicts me and my crazy antics is equally engaging. Humour and funny topics grabbed the limelight too. Obviously all of us need a good laugh from time to time aye. The topic that you guys casted the least votes is for sports. That means not all my readers are sports fans. Ok, that's all for now.

Tekk You
Tekk You-Thank You! ;)

Thanks for reading my blog yeah folks. I am really grateful for your patience, truly I am. Without your continuous support, I wouldn't be where I am right now. You guys are my beloved kings and queens...and I will try to write something that might be your cup of tea. BUT....then again this is still my blog and I will write whatever I want...muahahaha :D

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