Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baskin Robbins-31% Discount For My Birthday Ice Cream

In my previous post I asked you guys what I dessert I had after eating my royal masala and seafood tuna right? Some of you said I would have cake; some of you said I would be dining in Secret Recipe and one of you even commented that I would have cendol at Jonker Street. All very tempting but all the above answers are incorrect. So did anyone guess it right? Yep! Quite a number of you were spot on with the following answer which cream. We went to Baskin Robbin to indulge ourselves.

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Look at the queue!

Coincidentally my birthday is on the 31st. So I enjoyed a whopping 31% discount from Baskin Robbin for their tantalizing ice creams. I felt so privileged. LOL :D The nearest Baskin Robbin store is located 5km away from our home which is the one in Jusco Malacca. So my wife and I drove there to give our taste buds a treat. Of course throngs of people were already flocking the Baskin Robbin store to take advantage of the special discount. We had to queue for 30 minutes to be gratified.

After the long queue...
Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
So what's your flavour? :)

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Wait for them to scoop your ice cream.

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Of course you need to pay FIRST before you can get your ice cream.

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Then Voila! Collect your ice cream.

When it was our turn, the Baskin Robbin staff told us that they were only selling their ice creams in Quart and Half-gallon size. A~ha! This must be one of Baskin Robbin's gimmick right? You get 31% discount but you have to purchase the expensive ice creams. What to do? We have queued for half and hour. Besides it was my birthday~mah. So it was alright although my missus had to fork out RM34 to buy me that ice cream. Thank you my dearest wife. Muack~:-X

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Ta~da! This is it. My first quart size Baskin Robbin!

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Scrummy sweetie. Thanks. :)

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
You folks want some?

Can you believe that this is my first time eating Baskin Robbin ice cream. I mean of this "gargantuan" size. With the Quart size ice cream, we were entitled to choose two different flavors. My wife picked vanilla yogurt while yours truly, me chose Chocolate Mousse Royale. Goodness, I must say that both vanilla yogurt and chocolate mousse royale really complement each other to thrill my wife and I. It tasted so heavenly. But...but what? Read on...

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream
Too bad...finished already. :p wife could only ate a few spoons so I had to eat the remaining vanilla yogurt and chocolate royale mousse all by myself. Not that I am complaining though. Muahahahaha :D However due to my limited tummy capacity and digestion "horsepower", I needed two days to lick the bottom of the tube. Buuuurrppp :p Thanks for the ice cream wifey. So next year what flavour should I try?

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