Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White Elephant From Bali

I was flabbergasted when a white elephant stood on my doorway last week. Nope! It is not a real elephant~lar! It is a gift and it was the third and last gift that I received last week. Guess who sent it to me? It was from Foongpc who had just came back from his Bali vacation. I was shocked beyond any words when I received it because I have never expected Foong to send me a gift. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the blog-sphere right now. Haha :D

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
Yes! A surprise indeed bro. :D

Actually I won the gift in a contest held by him some time ago. I emerged as the "bronze medalist" in that contest and I was entitled to choose a gift from Foong. So I browsed and browsed through the long list of souvenirs but I still couldn't figure out what I should grab. Then Submerryn suggested that I picked the little piggy and give it to her son-Ethan, which I did. :p So I thought the gift that I have won is now with Ethan.

Let's see what was inside of this surprise package shall we?

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
Uh~huh! It is wrapped with newspaper...

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
Oic...still wrapped...

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
So what is this?

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
It feels so good on my hand.

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
My cute white elephant from Bali.

Foong surprised me last week and sent me another gift as a replacement for the one that I have given to Ethan. Aww...Foong is so generous right? I am really grateful that he sent me this Elephant Sandstone Cardholder. Contrary to its name, it is not a white elephant at all. In fact I have been using it to place important notes on my office table. I am so loving my White Bali Elephant right now! :D

White Bali Elephant Sandstone Cardholder
Yes, I love you my White Elephant! :)

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